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What Our Alumni Say…

Find your voice. Discover your ignorance. Supercharge your influence. Unexpected learning and exposure on every level. Phil


You will be stretched, and at times it will be difficult. At times, it will probably blow your mind, and it may send you a little crazy. You’ll probably cry. You will definitely laugh – quite a lot. You’ll meet and connect with the most incredible people along the way – often unexpectedly. You will learn more about yourself and you will understand others better. You will come out with a better understanding of your place in the world and where you’re likely to be able to do your best work. I cannot think of any other place where you’d get an opportunity like this – to have access to the insights and knowledge of so many different people on so many different topics. I recommend doing it. Kate


It is like becoming a parent – you think you understand what you are in for and you roll your eyes when people tell you to expect the unexpected but then BANG! Lauren


You will get back what you put into it, and if you do the work you will be richly rewarded. Mark


For applications tailored to Dairy…This is a course that will make you think differently.  It will open your eyes to the world outside of agriculture.  You will be challenged, inspired and equipped to come back into the industry and your business and have a positive impact. Tom


It takes a lot of effort and dedication and it is worth every bit of it. Blessing


You will meet great passionate people and learn about the opportunities and challenges in the Great South Coast region. If you care about your community and making a difference where you live, this is the course for you. Your leadership capability will grow over the journey and you will be better armed to take on the challenges that the future will hold. Peter


There are few personal or professional development programs out there that offer the opportunities, connections, personal growth and challenges that LGSC does. It will change you. Jacob

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