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Victorain Government at Work

The last week of Parliament before the upcoming Victorian State Election (24/11/2018) provided the LGSC Program Participants an opportunity to experience Parliament at work in the lead up to what is predicted to be a very close election.

Having been provided the opportunity to meet with Parliament House Staff, the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly, to meet with our local MPS and attend Question Time, the day provided a real insight into our State Government in action. Underlying all these facets was the greater understanding of democracy in action.

The experience reinforced that what the everyday voter hears/sees  in the media is only a snatch of the actual workings of the Victorian State Government. The theatrics of Question Time (preparing the media with a grab for the evening’s news) was in no way a true reflection of the more serious underlying activities within our State Government.

The true work of the Government is more apparent in the bipartisan role of Parliamentary Committees capturing the everyday work of parliamentarians. The enormous amount of information and knowledge they gained and decisions made on these committees was the pre runner to changes in legislation. This insight highlighted the proactive rather than the occasional instantaneous reactive legislation to a new, unpredicted happening (especially evident in the law and order scenarios currently occurring throughout Victoria).

The evident passion of both the current members of Parliament and the apolitical staff of Parliament House showcased a real commitment of Democracy In Action for the State of Victoria.

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