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Understanding our Place Climate Mitigation and Adaptation

How better to understand Climate Mitigation and Adaption than heading out on a field trip. Climate change is happening, its complex in nature and driven by human factors. We explored our current understanding and need to move forward with ambitious action for our region.

Hosted at Jigsaws Farms north of Hamilton our speakers shared their passion, experiences and learnings of managing risks and identifying the opportunities resulting from variable climate change in agriculture.

With over 25% of Jigsaw Farms now planted with forests or developed as wetlands. Jigsaws Farms is a fantastic example of sustainable farming practices, proving that carbon capture and biodiversity strategies do not have to be at the expense to their prime lamb operation.

Armed with rubber gloves and tongs we discussed our regions Waste Story; the group was shocked by the fact annually 760,000 Tn of waste in our region ends up in landfill and is increasing faster than our population. The group experienced firsthand by sorting through bins the importance of separation and opportunity and impact this would have on reducing landfill waste. Group discussions included, better bin labels, community education of bin streams and the need to drive a recycle economy, providing incentives to recycle and purchase recycled products. With the key message to Refuse and Reduce.

The group was privileges to visit an 8-star house in Hamilton that operates carbon neutral and are focused on providing for all their family needs without outside resources. As we sat overlooking their flood plain land now transformed into a productive “garden of Eden”. You could only be impressed our hosts spirit of independence, motivation, knowledge and skills of self-sufficient living.

We challenged how can we “do better” TODAY to live more sustainable and reduce, in our homes, workplaces and lead community sustainable conversations.

“Be the change you wish to see in the world” Gandhi

Rachael James, 2019 Program Participant

The participants were challenged to understand their personal ecological footprint. Take time to assess yours.

Thanks to Mark Wootton and Eve Kantor at Jigsaw Farms for hosing us, Graeme Andersson, Climate Senior Specialist, Agriculture, Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport & Resources, Kylie McIntyre, Sustainability Coordinator, Southern Grampians Shire Council.

Special thanks to LGSC Alumni Belinda Bennett, Manager Government Relations and Engagement, Barwon South West Waste and Resource Recovery Group and Jason Thomas, Owner Builder 8 Star/Solar Passive Home.

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