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As part of the LGSC Program participants form project teams to complete community projects. All projects have direct benefit to the Great South Coast region and must align to the Great South Coast Strategic Plan priorities.

Projects can be put forward by participants, Alumni, LGSC Committee members, LGSC staff, local government and community representatives.

Diverse teams engage in action learning allowing them to engage with the community in ways that are not possible in their professional life.

All projects engage local leaders as mentors. Mentors provide connections, support and advice the project team.

Projects are presented to the LGSC Committee.

Projects are generally completed by December annually and may be extended in consultation with the Executive Officer.





Cycling Without Age – follow on Facebook @CyclingWithoutAgePF

This project is about intergenerational connections. A shared experience, an opportunity to build social cohesion within communities and encourage an active lifestyle.

With a growing ageing population in our region there is an opportunity to engage younger generations  encouraging social participation and civic engagement in an active way. We plan to connect with community members who may not readily have access to getting out and about due to mobility impairment or may be living at home with support from community care services.

  1. To enhance social connectedness and promote active, healthy living through a unique intergenerational cycling experience.
  2. To implement a Pilot Cycling Without Age project to tackle to issue of social isolation.


    • CWA Program training package and information pack
    • 2 x trio bike taxi trishaws
    • Presentation of digital resource (video) sharing the stories of the project, it’s impact, challenges and successes.

Alignment to Great South Coast Strategic Plans – Health and Community Wellbeing:  A healthy, safe and resilient Great South Coast community

    • Supporting planning for liveable and active communities
    • Supporting projects to strengthen local and regional health services and mitigate lifestyle disease



Gateways to Growth
A Great South Coast Food and Fibre Agri-tourism Project

Propelled by the economic imperative to continue to the grow food and fibre output from our region’s businesses, this project aligns to and supports the Great South Coast Food and Fibre Action Plan to leverage agri-tourism as a key driver in the growth of our food and fibre industry. The project Aims to:

    • Assist the Great South Coast Food and Fibre (GSCFF) Council to put the GSC region on the map as a food and fibre destination and enhance the image and recognition of the region as an agricultural powerhouse.
    • Increase visitor retention time in the region which will have an economic outcome of jobs and growth for the region’s community and Food and Fibre operators.

Deliverables: A report including options for the installation of interactive digital signage:

    • Recommended digital signage options and gateway locations for the Great South Coast
    • Supplier and cost options for the design, manufacture and installation of signage
    • Design concepts for the signage
    • Content examples and digital interface concepts for each gateway sign
    • Signage permit requirements and associated fees

Alignment to Great South Coast Strategic Plans Economy: A strong and diverse Great South Coast economy with more local jobs and a growing workforce.

Success indicators: Enhance Great Ocean Road visitor economy and expand our local food and fibre industries
Key focus and priorities: Supporting the implementation of the GSC Food and Fibre Action Plan.


Community Solar

This project plans to develop a framework that supports community groups across the Great South Coast (GSC) with implementing community owned solar projects.

Community Solar
will also assist a selected community group with initiating a pilot project that other groups can learn from and refer to as required.

The immediate project aims are to:

  1. Up-skill and provide community groups with the relevant information and tools to successfully implement community owned solar projects; and
  2. Increase the uptake of renewable energy by GSC community groups

With the long-term goal to:

  1. Assist communities with achieving energy security; and
  2. Assist in reducing the impact of climate change through the reduced use of fossil fuels

The project will deliver a framework including:

    • Project Business Case;
    • Solar Photovoltaic (Solar PV) Financial Model;
    • Project Risk Management Plan;
    • Solar PV Procurement Guide;
    • Lease and Power Purchase Agreements;
    • Workshops to launch the above framework and build community awareness.

Alignment to Great South Coast Strategic Plans – Environment and Culture: Climate change is impacting all corners of our region; we are taking steps to protect our region – safeguarding our environment while planning for growth and development.



Great South Coast (GSC) Veteran Retreat

This project will give veterans and their partners the opportunity to come together for a weekend of connection, rejuvenation and immersion into the GSC region in Oct 2019.

Local veterans will be empowered to lead and/or facilitate the three-day retreat for ten veterans, and their partners from outside the region. The retreat aims to increasing connections with community and showcase our region.

The retreat there will be opportunity to raise community awareness of the issue’s veterans are presented with when they reintegrate into local civilian life.
An area of focus will be aspects of mental health and the impact this has on families and community.

It is envisaged at the conclusion of the retreat the concept will be handed over to RSL Warrnambool Sub Branch/RSL Active to continue the GSC retreat opportunity in future years.


  1. To actively engage veterans and their partner in a retreat in the GSC.
  2. To empower local veterans to lead and/or facilitate the three-day retreat.
  3. To showcase a number of GSC attractions that promote social connectedness and awareness of our local region.
  4. To raise community awareness of the impact on the lives of veterans reintegrating into the local community.


Alignment to the Great South Coast Strategic Plans  – Health and Community Well-Being: A healthy, safe and resilient Great South Coast Community.

    • Supporting planning for liveable and active communities
    • Proactively addressing suicide prevention
    • Supporting projects to mitigate lifestyle disease and prevent substance abuse






The LGSC Couch2Coast team  partnered with the Warrnambool Tri Club to deliver two new events to the 2018 program:

  • A non-competitive Women’s ‘Come n Tri’
  • An ‘all ages’ non-competitive Splash ‘n’ Dash event – We envisage kids, parents and grandparents participating in this event together, and participants can do all or part of the course as suits their preference or ability.

Follow the project on Facebook @couch2coast

These evetns were added to the suite of competitive events hosted annually by the Warrnambool Tri Club, which include Kids’ and Open triathlons, held at the picturesque Killarney beach.

The project aim is to promote and engage the community in fun physical activity, and address some of the perceived barriers to being active through removing the competitive elements and offering relaxed and supportive events with an emphasis on participation over prowess. The event will leverage and support the #ThisGirlCan campaign.

The project aligns with The Great South Coast Strategic Plan goals: 4.2.  Strengthen community health, wellbeing and resilience and 4.3.  Increase inclusion and participation in recreation, arts and community life.


In addition to building momentum around the existing events, the new events attracted approximately 66 new participants of varying ages and abilities.

In immediate response to the sucess, the Warrnambool Tri Club have added a new, low cost “Come n Tri” membership option, and will be running a “Come n Tri” (or ‘mini tri’) option at all 2018/19 season events, providing access to future non-competitive events and project sustainability.

Building on many of the social connections made on the day and during the lead up to the event, Warrnambool Tri Club members will continue to stage various ‘social’ physical activity options and question answer sessions, encouraging people of all ages and abilities to try open water swimming, jogging, cycling or other physical activities free of charge.  It is hoped that these groups will help build social connections, with the aim that they become self-sustaining over time as relationships are established.



Shop In A Box Warrnambool

This project seeks to create a vibrant Warrnambool CBD by encouraging local entrepreneurship.  Building on the recent rejuvenation, Shop In A Box provides a framework to invigorate Liebig Street. It offers free, short term agreements between landowners and tenants for vacant shop fronts, based on the successful Renew Australia model.

Shop In A Box Warrnambool will:

  • Assist in revitalising the Warrnambool CBD using the Renew Australia model.
  • Reduce vacancy rates for Liebig Street.
  • Foster civic pride and assist in community engagement of the Warrnambool CBD.
  • Support local entrepreneurs and innovation.

The project team will liaise with real estate agents and landlords of vacant shops within the designated CBD area, as well as promote the program within the Warrnambool and surrounds area using a number of methods including social media.  Prospective participants and stakeholders will be invited to a Launch Event featuring a guest speaker from Renew Australia.

Following an application and evaluation process, the project team will facilitate a rent free contract between landowners and tenants.  Support will be provided to participants during the program, including access to mentors.

This project aligns with the Great South Coast Strategic Plan Goals: 1.3 Build our leadership and entrepreneurial capacity, with a particular focus on small to medium enterprise and on innovation, 1.4 and 4.3

The project also aligns to Great South Coast Regional Partnership priorities: Strong and diverse regional economy with more local jobs – Investing in our future economic strengths by developing our CBD, capitalising on tourist attractions such as the Great Ocean Road and Budj Bim, supporting the Great South Coast food and fibre sector, as well as attracting people to engage, shop, eat and socialise in our CBD and providing industry with energy, certainty and security.

Attractive, safe, vibrant and livable community – invest in health and wellbeing of our communities through improving our facilities aesthetically and economically.

Outcomes as at 2/04/19:

The shop vacancy rate in Warrnambool CBD (designated Liebig St zone) reduced by 50%.

Supporting the opening of one start-up businesses in CBD zone plus two additional businesses in the wider CBD.



Mind Your Mates 

Mind Your Mates Great South Coast aims to assist people to be responsive to the early warning signs of suicide, by strengthening their awareness and ability to take action, through promotion of, and advocacy for, suicide prevention training.

Suicide remains the leading cause of death for Australians aged between 15 and 44. There are 7.85 deaths by suicide in Australia each day and the GSC region has a higher rate of suicide than the state and national average. We need to do more to prevent suicide.

Mind Your Mates GSC will:

  1. Raise awareness that high rates of suicide are an issue in our region
  2. Develop a communications strategy and marketing material to promote suicide prevention training to communities and organisations across Great South Cost (GSC)
  3. Through the promotion of training delivered by Lifeline, we will build the equip people across the GSC with the knowledge and skills to appropriately Recognise, Respond and Refer someone at risk of suicide
  4. Advocate for the importance of suicide prevention training in organisations and community groups across GSC.

This Project aligns with the Great South Coast Strategic Plan goal 4.2:  Strengthen community health, wellbeing and resilience; and Great South Coast Regional Partnership priority of: Attractive, safe, vibrant and liveable community – Invest in health and well-being of our communities through improving our health facilities and tackling lifestyle diseases, substance use, suicide and family violence.


Development of a communications and engagement strategy to guide and promote the roll-out of suicide prevention programs, developed in collaboration with Lifeline South West, to promote suicide prevention across the Great South Coast. In addition accessible Mind Your Mates (1hr training) was piloted, tested and rolled out as part of the partnership.



LGSC Economic Migration Project

The LGSC Economic Migration Project 2018 are a sub-project group of the wider Great South Coast Economic Migration Project (GSCEMP) which commenced in 2017.
The GSCEMP is a partnership with Leadership Great South Coast, iGen Foundation, Great Lakes Agency for Peace and Development International, Southern Grampians Shire Council and Glenelg Shire Council.

Working closely with the Great South Coast communities we aim to:

Increase the population, diversity and economic growth of the Great South Coast region by supporting a small number of families, originally from Africa, to relocate to the Glenelg Shire.

The families are either Australian Citizens or permanent residents who have settled in metropolitan areas.  The project will work with the families and communities to match them with schooling, housing, community groups and clubs, land to grow crops and suitable employment. The family’s backgrounds in a range of occupations, such as agriculture, will help to fill the needs of local communities.

The wider project’s focus community was Southern Grampians Shire and the focus of this project team is Glenelg Shire Council, in particular the townships of Merino and Casteron.

 Our project milestones are to:

  • Establish a working group in Casterton to help drive the project and make it sustainable
  • Showcase our townships to potential families by hosting a Welcome Weekend in December 2018
  • Explore the possibility of ultimately relocating up to 10 families to the Shire

The project aligns with The Great South Coast Strategic Plan goals to:

  • Better understand levers to population growth with a view to increasing the Great South Coast population
  • Grow the value and capacity of the Great South Coast’s food and fibre industry
  • Increase inclusion and participation in recreation, arts, culture and community life

The project aligns to Great South Coast Regional Partnership priorities.


The project established a community working group in Casterton. Held a Welcome Weekend showcasing the region to African families in December 2018. Is currently supporting up families to move to Glenelg Shire.
Feb 2018 update – four familes have moved into Casterton and are being supported by the community.




Our Story

This project aims to create awareness of cultural diversity through media and art in the Great South Coast region.

The Our Story project will:

The outcomes of this project have been staged.

The first stage told the stories of six local migrant and/or former refugee in local media (see stories liked below).

The second stage is a mural celebrating and symbolising the six stories developed is on the Wannon Water’s west Warrnambool water tower.

The digital story created as part of the project is live on the Warrnambool Street Art website.


Our Story publications

Meet the 2017 Leadership Great South Coast team and read about their personal motivations behind bringing Our Story to life Intro article


An Expression of Interest (EOI) was run in March 2018 by Juddy Roller Studio to source an artist with large scale mural experience to complete the mural. Several artists, including two locals, were assessed by a local stakeholder panel. The successful artist was Wollongong artist Claire Foxton. Installation of the mural took three weeks in October 2018.

In addition a community capacity workshop delivered by Claire Foxton developed the skills and knowledge of our local arts community.

Stage 2 of this project has been made possible with contributions from Leadership Great South Coast, the A. L. Lane Foundation, Warrnambool City Council, Lyndoch Living and Amnesty International (Warrnambool) with in-kind support from Wannon Water.

Stage 1 was supported by The Warrnambool Standard.

This project aligns with the Great South Coast Strategic Plan Goal 4.3 Increase inclusion and participation in recreation, arts, culture and community life and Goal 5.4 Build and foster collaborative networks within the Great South Coast region, identifying and addressing barriers to cooperation.




This project aims to create an interpretive arts installation that represents the unique cultural, historical and geographical features of the Koroit area.

The SculptED17 project will;

  • Contribute to the continuation of the arts trail in the GSC region (adding on from the Ngatanwarr Mural, Charged Landscapes and Camperdown Cones project).
  • Increase the awareness of the Port Fairy – Koroit rail trail region and  encourage further use of the trail.
  • Facilitate the development of an arts piece aims to inspire users of the trail to learn more about the cultural, historical and geographical features of the Koroit area through interaction with the piece.
  • Profile and promote environmental sustainability in design and construction of a significant public art(s) piece along the Port Fairy -Koroit rail trail.
  • The creation of an interactive art piece along the rail trail aims to excite and inspire local artists to tell a lasting and impactful story within their own region.


In October 2017 an open Expression of Interest process selected James Voller, an outstanding Victorian artist to showcase his work in this unique opportunity. https://www.instagram.com/jamesvoller/ 

The EOI was distributed through a both regional and national networks, and was open from the 28th of July 2017 until the 18th of August. The SculptED17 project team would like to thank all of the highly skilled applicants who responded to our EOI.


Regrowth by James Voller is a short walk along the Rail Trail at the Koroit Railway station (toward Port Fairy). The installation changes is varying light and is dramatic at sunset.

This project aligns with the Great South Coast Strategic Plan Goal 3.5; Promote sustainable nature-based tourism within the Great South Coast region, ensuring the environment and cultural values of our natural assets are acknowledged and protected


Connecting with Mental Health Carers in the Great South Coast Region

The project conducted research to identify the needs of mental health carers living in the Great South Coast region. The team produced a report that communicates carers’ stories and support needs. Connecting with Mental Health Carers Report

The Project aimed to:

  • Identify and document the stories and needs of mental health carers from the Great South Coast region.
  • Compile the findings into a comprehensive resource including recommendations for delivering unmet needs.
  • Present the report to stakeholder organisations including Fight For Your Life, Wellways Australia and Headspace.


A survey was completed to gain feedback from mental health carers living in the Great South Coast region. The data was compiled with results and recommendations presented to the Fight For Your Life, Wellways Australia and Headspace (March 2018). Connecting with Mental Health Carers Report


This project aligns to the Great South Coast Strategic Plan section 2.4 Identify and seek to address the connectivity needs of all of our communities, 4.2 Strengthen community health, wellbeing and resilience and 4.3 Increase inclusion and participation in recreation, arts, culture and community life.


Caffeine Dream

This project raised awareness of the impact non-biodegradable single use coffee cups have on our environment. Encouraging individuals and organisations to start their #WarOnWasteAu one #BYOKeepCup at a time. LGSC War On Waste Flyer

Project aims:

  • Raise awareness of the waste story in our community by focusing on the issue of non-biodegradable single use coffee cups.
  • Empower individuals, businesses and organisations to change behavior with a campaign to #BYOCoffeeCup
  • Encourage cafes to join the www.responsiblecafe.org movement.


Local cafes were encouraged and supported to join www.responsiblecafes.org

As a Project initiative, the Caffeine Dream team gifted 150 FREE #BYOKeepCup to help the Warrnambool community start their own #WarOnWasteAu

Learning from the South West Health Care initiative to provide free reusable coffee cups for staff the team supported Wannon Water and the Commonwealth Bank to look at establishing similar #BYOKeepCup programs. Since the completion of the project other regional organisations have come onboard initiating their own #BYOKeepCup campaigns significantly reducing the number of single use coffee cups that end up in landfill.

This project aligns to the Great South Coast Strategic Plan section 3.4 Promote and advocate for programs that encourage sustainable waste management and better management of environmental hazards and 3.2 Support activities and other measures that help us to adapt to and mitigate the effects of climate change.


Alumni Project

Great South Coast Economic Migration Pilot

The 2016 LGSC Alumni have instigated this Pilot in partnership with iGen Foundation and the Great Lakes Agency for Peace and Development (see below). The Pilot aims to encourage metro families to move to western Victoria to assist in driving economic development in our region.


The Pilot aims to support a small number of families, originally from Africa, to relocate to the Great South Coast. These families aspire to move to regional areas to gain employment, particularly in agricultural industries, to create a new life for themselves and contribute back to our communities.

These families are Australian Citizens who, after living in metropolitan regions for approximately 10 years, wish to move to rural areas similar to where they have come from where their agriculture skill-sets are best placed and utilized.

An online interactive database will be established as a platform to match families with employment prior to arrival. Families will be supported locally with links to housing, schools, training providers and service clubs to ensure community integration.

This Pilot is based on a case study from Mingoola, NSW that was recently showcased on ABC’s Australian Story. We encourage you to take the time to view the episode.


September 2017

Click here to see our – Welcome Weekend September 2017 You Tube clip Our first families took a tour of Balmoral, Penshurst and Casterton in the beautiful Southern Grampians Shire.


Pilot Partners

  • Leadership Great South Coast – supporting our Alumni to engage in community projects that have direct benefits for our region and align to the Great South Coast Strategic Plan.
  • Lynda Ford, CEO of iGen Foundation – Lynda is an internationally acknowledged specialist in community development with experience spanning non-government, government, industry and public research organisations. Lynda will provide the project with strategic planning and policy advice.
  • Emmanuel Musoni, Great Lakes Agency for Peace and Development and featured on Australian Story, has been crucial to getting this Pilot off the ground and provides the link with the families wishing to relocate.

LGSC, iGen Foundation and GLAPD form the Pilot Leadership team to oversee the Pilot and a Working Group will be established on the ground to provide local knowledge and guidance.

An initial Working Group established in the Southern Grampians Shire with aims to relocate families to the shire by January 2018.

A researcher from the University of Melbourne has been engaged to evaluate the success of the Pilot so that the model that can be replicated across regional Victoria.

This Pilot will ensure population growth and, in turn, enhance the economic and social base of rural communities in the Great South Coast.

Follow the project on Facebook

Shop in a Box

The ‘Shop In A Box’ project envisions a vibrant town centre experience, encouraging local entrepreneurship and drawing tourism. The Portland Pilot aims to provide a framework to reactivate our CBDs through temporary uses of empty shops, modelled on the Renew Newcastle idea of free, short-term contracts between landowners and tenants.

A passionate community committee has been established as a sub committee of The Committee for Portland, who sponsor the pilot in partnership with LGSC.

With two shops NOW OPEN in Percy St, Portland the Committee have seen a reduction from 20% vacacny rate to 11% duing the project.

Follow the first Shop in a Box https://www.facebook.com/Naturalsoycreations/






Accessible and Inclusive Play Equipment

This project will provide accessible and inclusive play equipment for a community within the Great South Coast. Specifically, the project aims are to:

  • Install an all-inclusive piece of play equipment within the Warrnambool City Council.
  • Compile and distribute a research report to  Great South Coast Local Government Areas specific to the project.

Outcome: With $25k funds from Variety an all-inclusive carousel will be installed at the Cramer St, Warrnambool Play Space in early 2017. The project total is $37k

This project aligns to the Great South Coast Strategic Plan section 4.3 Increase inclusion and participation in recreation, arts, culture and community life.


Literacy Buddies Great South Coast

This project plans to introduce the Ardoch Literacy Buddies Program to the Great South Coast by supporting one primary school in the region to participate in a Pilot letter exchange program with a group of volunteers. Project aims:

  • Introduce Literacy Buddies to the Great South Coast
  • Provide pathways for students to use their literacy skills in the real world by exchanging letters.
  • Provide a fulfilling avenue for retirees within the community to assist primary school students to improve their skills and engagement at school.
  • Provide a pilot for other schools to adopt this program in the future.

Outcome: After a successful pilot in 2016 the literacy buddies team worked to sucessfully hand over the pilot project to East Warrnambool Primary and Lyndoch Living to run in 2017.

This project aligns to the Great South Coast Strategic Plan section 4.1 Drive educational attainment and build a learning community.


Mental Apportunity

This project aims to develop a mobile APP. The App will include a calendar of events throughout GSC Region that specifically benefit mental health. It will include, but not be limited to, events that are hosted by mental health organisations as well as other not-for-profit community events that have known mental health benefits. It will also provide information about mental well-being and relevant contacts. The project aims to:


  • Provide knowledge and local support via events and networking for all mental health communities
  • Bridge the gap between mental health events/support/information and individuals and carers challenged by mental health conditions
  • Educate, support and inspire the community via the App
  • Assist in breaking down misconceptions about people with a mental illness and ‘normalise’ the 
spectrum of mental health
  • Support a collaborative approach between mental health support networks throughout the region


This project aligns to the Great South Coast Strategic Plan section 2.4 Identify and seek to address connectivity needs of all our communities – Deteriorating levels of social connectedness, decreased levels of social isolation

Outcome: www.headout.com.au is currently under construction, to be launched in partnership ith Lets Talk in 2018.


Supporting the Basalt to Bay Landcare, Green Line Sustainable Shelter Belts Project 

The Green Line is a 37 kilometer strip of former railway line from Koroit to Minhamite. This project aims to education the community about its critically endangered native grasslands and woody grasslands leading to greater appreciation of its environmental importance.


LGSC Project Team will support to a number of the following project priorities. Woolsthorpe Siding actions:

  • Establish 2 x 20m wide by 400m long belts fenced in Woolsthorpe siding site
  • Establish belts be used to demo creating a shrub shelterbelt method e.g. till direct seed, one tube stock planting.
  • Complete weed control trials using fire and/or steam to kill pasture grasses and stimulate native species growth prior to planting (no herbicide)
  • Plant species tube stock to replicate a Victorian Volcanic Plain grassy woodland using plants grown from seed collected on site and nearby
  • Produce a YouTube video showcasing project
  • Install interpretive sign on site about works.

Outcome: The project team have competed 2016 support of the Green Line project and  volunteered in 2017 to complete fencing of the siding.

This project aligns to the Great South Coast Strategic Plan section 3.3 Help to educate our community about sustainable use of natural resources, including groundwater and inland waterways, the marine environment, land use etc.




SculptED aimed to establish an arts trail to reveal and celebrate the geological and cultural history of our region.

The 2015 SculptED project developed one large scale interactive and educative artwork (up skilling local artists as part of the process), with the long term vision for the Great South Coast to proudly host a trail of works scattered across our region offering creative, inspiration and an opportunity to learn about our shared history.

Project Outcome – The initial sculpture titled Charged Landscape was launched on the Port Fairy to Warrnambool Rail Trail (off Regent Street, Port Fairy) on 18 March 2016. See our Gallery and News tabs for more details.

We suggest you visit Charged Landscape both day and night to experience the glowing elements of the work. Dusk is a perfect time to visit the piece which is only a short walk (5 mins) from the Regent Street, Rail Trail, car park.

This project aligns with the Great South Coast Strategic Plan, section 4: Strengthen the communities of the Great South Coast- 4.3 Increase inclusion and participation in recreation, arts, culture and community life.


Standing Taller

The Standing Taller Project has delivered a professional marketing prospectus to the Warrnambool Standing Tall Youth Mentoring Program and represents a template for other Standing Tall groups and not for profit organisations in the Great South Coast Region. The prospectus aims to promote the work and benefits of the Standing Tall Program and to develop mutually beneficial business partnerships. Underlying this project was the need to support and enhance educational attainment for young people in the south west. The potential benefits for young people through educational attainment flow on into their relationships, health, economic and social wellbeing and that of our whole community.

Project Outcomes – Standing Tall Prospectus was completed and presented to the Standing Tall Committee to assist in attracting Business and Industry financial support for the program.

This project aligns with the Great South Coast Strategic Plan, section 4: Strengthen the communities of the Great South Coast -4.1 Drive educational attainment and build a learning community.


Your Paddock Classroom – Sustainable Growing for Tomorrows Generations

Your Paddock Classroom is a social enterprise project to assist in supporting disengaged youth to develop a small acreage farm enterprise. The aim is to improve educational and entrepreneurial opportunities for young people who are disengaged from the formal education system. An informal group have been meeting previously (in Hamilton) to improve educational attainment explore employment opportunities for youth through non-traditional pathways, pursue sustainable local food production and stimulate the local community.

Project Outcome – Objectives of creating a strong foundation including formation of steering committee, governance model and securing public land to run the trial were all met. The value of this foundation phase should not be under estimated in the progression and ultimate success of “Your Paddock Classroom” . If the trial is successful, the model can be easily rolled out in other communities within the region.

This project aligns with the following Great South Coast Strategic Plan objectives: 1.2, 1.3 and 4.1.


Shop in a Box

The ‘Shop In A Box’ project envisions a vibrant town centre experience, encouraging local entrepreneurship and drawing tourism. The project aimed to provide a framework to reactivate our CBDs through temporary uses of empty shops, modelled on the Renew Newcastle idea of free, short-term contracts between landowners and tenants.

Project Outcome – Stage One produced a  feasibility study analysing the issues, options and path towards facilitating such a program. Shop In A Box Feasibility Report 2015

This project aligns with the following Great South Coast Strategic Plan objectives: 1.3, 1.4, 1.6 and 4.3.

Update April 2016 – Both Warrnambool City Council and Glenelg Shire have shown interest in taking the Shop in a Box project to pilot. Projects are currently being discussed/scoped. The project ran in Portland in 2017 and in Warrnambool in 2018.



Ngatanwarr (Welcome) Mural – Preserve Past Embrace Tomorrow

A community project delivered by Leadership Great South Coast 2014 participants to implement an arts/environmental community project.

The Ngatanwarr (Nat an war) Mural was painted by world renowned artist ‘Adnate’ www.adnate.com.au on the corner of Merri and Kepler Street, Warrnambool March 13th-16th, 2015.  The mural incorporates information detailing and celebrating significant cultural sites and narratives of the Gunditjmara people and Great South Coast region.

The project has been led by a steering group consisting of Leadership Great South Coast in partnership with Warrnambool Art Gallery, the F Project, Gunditjmara Aboriginal Cooperative and South West TAFE.

Funding for the mural has been made possible through seed funding from the Hugh Williamson Foundation (Bug Blitz) and through contributions from the State Government (Anti-Graffiti funds), Gunditjmara Aboriginal Cooperative and the Isobel & David Jones Family Foundation.

Project Outcomes – The Ngatanwarr Mural was opened on 20 March 2015 by Marcus Clarke, CEO Gunditjmara Cooperative, members of the Gunditjmara Community and the Steering Group. The mural is located on the corner of Merri and Kepler Streets Warrnambool. You can view the making of the mural here .

September 2015 Update – Philanthropic support was secured to install flood lighting of the mural. We suggest you visit the mural both during the day and in the evening to view the art work in varying light.

The project aligns with the Great South Coast Group’s Strategic Plan goal to ‘better integrate nature based and indigenous tourism products into state, national and international marketing structures’ and the goal of ‘building rural communities sense of place through investment in community arts projects’.


Active Great South Coast was an evidence based project as research indicates that increased involvement in physical activity has a positive impact on physical and mental health. We aimed to link services which work with vulnerable individuals and families to low cost accessible movement orientated activities – through the Community House Network benefiting the community as a whole.

The project aimed to get people involved in physical activities and support/encourage them to have a go at some new activities/sports in a supportive environment. Utilising existing Community House Network to develop links between services working with vulnerable people and existing fitness and health activities and opportunities.

The  pilot project was based in WCC. The intention is to build linkages that continue beyond the end of the project.

Project Outcome – Objectives were successfully met, within the reduced  project scope (WCC  only). The project was downsized to a localised pilot project and achieved higher than expected results with strong uptake of offered activities with significant support and enthusiasm from the Warrnambool Community House. Project plan and report were made available to the Community house to assist with planning a sustainable project within the local area and to encourage roll out across the region.

Great South Coast Strategic Plan alignment includes “Enhance the quality and increase the use of community and sporting assets and open space areas in rural communities.” Pg. 35 and “Improve access to housing, employment, recreation and education facilities for rural communities and disadvantaged groups.” Pg. 45


On the Shoulders of Giants – Inspiration through Conversation

This community project recorded 13 initial audio conversations with professionals from our Great South Coast community, who shared their wisdom, strength and stories in overcoming challenges; providing insight into their professions and how education played a role in their achievements.

A hyperlink to the YouTube channel will be made publicly available  as a resource for young people who require career advice and inspiration.

The project aims to inspire and encourage retention of students to Year 12 or equivalent by providing an online medium through which they can learn from other’s career pathways i.e. professionals articulating alternative pathways to higher education (both vocational and university).


Background Stats

One of the key Priority Projects identified in the Great South Coast Strategic Plan, is the Great South Coast Education Attainment Project (Beyond the Bell).

The fact is that whilst the average attainment rate of students completing Year 12 is 74% across the state of Victoria, our region fairs poorly in comparison.

The following statistics highlight the challenge; Warrnambool 60.6%, Colac Otway -57.2%, Moyne – 57%, Southern Grampians – 56%, Corangamite – 52.5% and Glenelg – 51% (2015)


Project Outcome – On The Shoulders Of Giants YouTube Channel is now available. This resource can be used by students, parents, teachers and career advisors to assist young people in making informed career decisions

This project aligns with the Great South Coast Strategic Plan Goal 4.4 – Provide opportunities for young people to participate in decision making process


The Strengthening the Strong Project assisted in establishing a group of high profile Western Victorian female dairy leaders with a view to expanding leadership capacity within the group and act as a support mechanism for aspiring female dairy leaders.

Project Outcome – Through a facilitated process the project team assisted the group to establishing an agreed network structure, Terms of Reference, code of conduct and proposed annual meeting schedule. As well as advising the group to link to existing dairy networks (including but not limited to The Gardiner Foundation and Dairy Australia/ WestVic Dairy) where additional support can be provided.

Group members were involved with the DairySage mentoring program in Dec 2014/Jan 2015 and organising a social ladies lunch for upwards of 300 women in March 2015. Beyond March the group will come together and plan using the process that this project assisted them to develop.


The project aligns to the Great South Coast Strategic Plan Goal 1.4 – Build the capacity of our agribusiness sector to become the Australian centre for agricultural/dairy research. Pg. 19,
Goal 1.6 – Build our leadership and entrepreneurial capacity, particularly in the small and home based business sectors. Pg. 19 and Goal 5.3 – Build leadership and knowledge capacity by establishing reference groups with expertise, experience and influence in key areas of regional focus. Pg. 53



The Turf2Surf project team ran a free camping weekend (summer 2014) for farming families within the Great South Coast, to provide easy access to health and wellbeing services which may have a beneficial impact on health and wellbeing awareness.

The project aimed to increase farmer’s awareness of health and wellbeing services available to them by providing an opportunity for farming families within the Great South Coast to get off their farms and participate in a free camping weekend. Health and wellbeing information and services will be made available over the weekend.

Project Outcome – The free camping weekend was held for farming families over the Wunta Festival weekend 2014. Activities included a Friday night meet and greet, BBQ dinner Saturday with Guest Speaker Dr Bernie Crimmins (topic men’s health). Health checks and referral services were made available to all participants. Physical activities e.g. karate and bike riding were offered.

A survey of participating farming families included: postcode, farm type, when was last break from the farm, if weekend was not free – would you have taken a break from the farm, has this weekend improved your knowledge of local Health and Wellbeing service providers available in the GSC region. The survey identified if farmers engaged with health and welfare organisations and activities. Survey data and recommendation report were made available to 2014 participants with a view to picking up the project.


The Milk in Schools project team  investigated potential interest and partnerships with the view to commencing a milk in primary schools pilot program. The project aims to provide a nutritious dairy drink option to primary school children in the GSC with the AIM to improve physical and oral health outcomes.


A strong emphasis of the Great South Coast (GSC) Regional Plan is the building of human and social capital by improving the health and wellbeing outcomes within our community. By concentrating on children’s physical health (which includes their oral health) whilst striving to support the social determinants of health; ensures positive steps to building a lifetime of wellbeing.

Health and wellbeing is a focus the Milk in Great South Coast Primary Schools project team have concentrated on.

According to the GSC strategic plan (p44) risky behaviours such as unhealthy eating (this includes consumption of highly acidic and sweetened beverages), occur at significantly higher rates than the Victorian average and are also higher than the rural Victorian average. As a consequence, the region has high levels of obesity.

Project Outcome – After extensive researched the project team identified an appropriate healthy milk product. A UHT option was found to meet the health requirements (fat and sugar content) as well as transport and logistics requirements. Due to lack of stakeholder engagement the pilot project did not proceed. The project team foresees an opportunity to progress a pilot in the future with confirmed stakeholder engagement.

Great South Coast Strategic Plan Alignment 4.1 Address the lower than average health and wellbeing status of our people.


The Work Experience Framework for Business project team planned to develop a draft framework document to act as a best practice guideline for the placement of Yr. 10 students in work experience. The purpose of the framework document was to enhance work experience for both students and local businesses. It was intended that the draft document would have input from the local schools and businesses.

The project aimed to improve relationships between secondary school students and local employers and in turn develop clearer pathways for career choices and assist in increasing the aspiration and retention rates for Year 12 or equivalent attainment.

Project Outcome –Although project outcomes were not achieved in the documented timelines the project Lead and team members gained valuable project management and stakeholder engagement skills throughout the project.


The  Year 12 or Equivalent Attainment Project team has developed a database of key stakeholders across the Great South Coast region that can be used to run community and stakeholder forums to inform the community based action plans.

Project Outcome – As documented the project team developed and populated a regional stakeholder database that was completed and handed to the Great South Coast Yr. 12 or Equivalent attainment Project/ Beyond the Bell Project in 2013.


The project aimed to assist the Great South Coast Yr. 12 or Equivalent attainment Project 10 understanding contributing factors to the relatively low Year 12 or equivalent attainment rate and retention rates of year 10-12 students across the Great South Coast. The project closely consulted with the Great South Coast Yr. 12 or Equivalent attainment Project working party to ensure alignment.



The Healthy Active Environment project investigated ways of enhancing Great South Coast participation in national Health and Environment Days specifically National Tree Day 2013.

The team planned to increasing awareness, support and participation for National Tree Day event at the Killarney Reserve on 28 July 2013.

Project Outcome – The project team achieved increased participation on National Tree Day 2013 at the Killarney planting site. Increased participation included volunteers who had previously not participated in environmental activism.


The Youth Mentoring project team investigated youth mentoring opportunities within the Great South Coast region. The Standing Tall Program was identified as an organisation with an ongoing commitment to developing youth in the GSC region that would benefit from LGSC support.

The project team are assisting Standing Tall to set up fundraising systems that will be of ongoing benefit to the organisation and the region into the future.

Project Outcome – The project team developed a 20:20 Vision with a view to increasing financial support from individuals to the Standing Tall Programs. Deliverables included a web presence indicating coverage of the program across the region i.e. in Hamilton, Warrnambool, Heywood, Camperdown and Colac.

The project established a My Cause online portal where individuals can make donations to Standing Tall.


The LGSC Alumni project looked at establishing the parameters for the LGSC Alumni Program and Community Skills Bank to ensure ongoing linkages with former Program participants who have a strong affinity with the objectives of the LGSC program.

The team surveyed current participants to confirm parameters and framework for the Alumni program and assisted in the establishment of a future Alumni Program.

Project Outcome – 2012 Program participants were surveyed to inform the structure of the LGSC Alumni schedule. Results informed the annual calendar events which included targeted professional development and networking opportunities.

The calendar has grown since 2012 to include participation in the Victorian Small Business Festival annually and hosting of an event. LGSC annually run the AICD Governance Foundation for NFP Directors course.


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