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The Power of Project Management

Project – “A temporary endeavour undertaken to create a unique product or service.”
Temporary – “Lasting for only a limited period of time, not permanent.”

These two definitions were the first scribbled on the butcher’s paper hung on the stand in front of the attending Leadership Great South Coast 2018 by facilitator and industry expert Kevin Bennett.

We would be brought back to these definitions on occasion throughout the day in our discussions as Kevin progressed us through a range of project management processes, tools, behaviours and concepts.
We were subjected to an intense, high pressure and high stakes simulation known as project Countdown, in which teams of four were subjected to a project timeline where a number of conflicting conditions or project barriers designed to challenge your ability to work as an effective team. Kevin emphasised that whenever you are managing a project – be visual as he demonstrated good examples of where we can utilise the tools or processes to assist with good communication or decision making.

The project management day also allowed us to really expose our strengths and weaknesses within a project team setting allowing us to stop, reflect and evaluate our team efforts or team dynamic and also to allow us to reflect on our individual capabilities and shortcomings. It allowed us to not think of the project management day as one of successfully completing the activity, but also to analyse and learn about how we interact with people in a project team environment.

Armed with our new set of tools, concepts and aware of our behaviours, we are ready to next tackle the idea of our community based project which will be delivered as part of the Leadership Great South Coast 2018 journey.

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