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Diversity and Inclusion


Demographers tell us change is coming. Our population in Australia to set to increase to 38 million by 2050 and our communities are going to become more diverse. Knowing this, how do we create organisations where all staff feel safe, engaged and belong?

Diversity and inclusion are accepted standards within our society and statistics presented on the program day conclude that the organisations that have a strong focus on diversity and inclusion achieve higher results than those lacking in diversity. Diversity comes a range of forms including gender and cultural diversity, and it is important for organisations to reflect on what type of diversity would improve outcomes within their workplaces. Whilst it is important to have a diverse culture within organisations, this focus must not be placed above selecting the right applicant for the right position instead of filling a quota to appear to be diverse. In order to ensure diverse applicants apply for positions an organisation should visibly communicate and demonstrate their inclusive practices to potential employees.

Unconscious bias plays a major role in our decision making processes. Most of us would admit that at some stage in our life we have experienced conformity bias where we go along with the group thinking, or similarity bias where we surround ourselves with people who are like us in both the way we think and look. But what’s the overall impact to the diversity of our workplaces when this happens in a job interview situation? Acknowledging and checking our biases is essential to creating inclusive and diverse workplaces.

“Our ability to reach unity in diversity will be the beauty and the test of our civilisation” – Mahatma Ghandi


Meet our 2020 Program Partcipants


Join us in welcoming our 2020 Particpants to their LGSC journey

  1. Billy Edis, Director, Southcoast Project Management
  2. Catherine Darkin, Advisor, Population Health and Community Wellbeing. Department of Health and Human Services
  3. Jason Van Der Heyden, Maintenance Electrician, Wannon Water
  4. Catherine Fitzgerald, Bookkeeper, Elite Cars and Trucks
    Sponsor: South West Community Foundation
  5. Craig Kelson, Financial Accountant, South West TAFE
  6. Dominic Conheady, Dairy Farmer, Self Employed
    Sponsor: Gardiner Foundation
  7. Joe Sinnott, Human Resources Advisor, Warrnambool City Council
  8. Joy Coulson, Farm Services Advisor, Saputo Dairy Australia
    Sponsor: Gardiner Foundation
  9. Kara Winderlich, Risk Management Coordinator, Southern Grampians Shire Council
  10. Emily Falla, Aboriginal Health Promotion Officer, South West Healthcare
    Sponsor: Wannon Water
  11. Jerram Wurlod- Operations Manager – Keayang Maar Vineyard, Dixie
    Sponsor: Corangamite Shire
  12. Liam Arnott, Works Supervisor – Construction, Moyne Shire Council
  13. Mandy Cohen, Complex Needs Coordinator, Department of Health and Human Services
  14. Troy Lovett- Wurreker Broker, Victorian Aboriginal Education Association
    Sponsor: Leadership Great South Coast – Speakers Scolarship
  15. Michelle Badenhorst, Owner Suffoir Winery and Brewery, Macarthur
    Sponsor: Women In Agriculture
  16. Tim McPherson, Management Accountant, Wannon Water


Ethical Leadership in a Challenging World


Leading with courage and being fearless in what you do…..what does that actually mean when you are faced with an ethical dilemma? What are the potential consequences for your career, your personal life and our overall sense of well-being.

We aspire to be great leaders, to support others, lead by example and do what’s right for our organisations, our community, our family in line with our values and our sense of what’s right and wrong.

What happens when the lines are blurred or you discover something in your organisation that is, in conflict with your values or is unethical?

Through the lived experience of a Victorai Police force whistle-blower we can see that sometimes making the right decision and upholding your ethical values takes great courage and unfortunately there is at times a signifcant price to pay for that bravery. In some organisations the level of Ethical behaviour is questionable, sometimes corruption is clear and obvious and at other times after years of ethical fading a culture is created where bending or breaking the rules slowly and subtly becomes the norm and conforming is an expectation. It’s at these times you need to make a clear and definitive decision….. are you getting on the bus (conforming), riding alongside the bus (ignoring) or standing in front of the bus – taking a stand to do what’s right?

Upholding ethical values takes courage, we need to be brave and stand up for what is right. It requires us to make the right decision…. which is not always the easiest decision.

“Good People Own Courage”
Simon Illingsworth


The Journey Begins


The Opening Retreat was an opportunity for the participants to come together and get to know each other, it was the first of many days that they would spend together during their Leadership Great South Coast experience.

The Facilitator, the wonderfully energetic, vibrant and dynamic Corrinne Armour led the group on a journey of self reflection, discovery and growth as each participant was pushed to the edge of discomfort allowing them to extend on their self awareness and explore new opportunities for growth and development. Conversations were honest, upfront and fearless, and each participant was left with a mix of emotions… energised, aware, knowledgeable, connected and excited to name a few.

This was the beginning of an exciting, fulfilling and challenging year during which the participants will focus on self discovery, awareness and community, they develop networks and add to their leadership toolkit. The Program supports partcipants to challenge their perspective, beliefs, vision and hopes for the future…….we can’t wait to see what lies ahead for each of the 2020 participants.

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