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Good People Own Courage

Although people have a different words to describe ethical leadership and ethical behaviour, each of them are centered on doing what’s right. At the first Program Day each presenter had a slightly different perspective on the topic which made for a really well rounded overview and showed just how important having a good ethical position is.

The sunlight test is something we can all think about and apply to the decisions we make day to day. How would we feel if our actions were out there for the world to see? Examples during the day demonstrated that not only people of a high profile can get found out, but those who may see themselves too small and insignificant can and will be held to account.

One of the strongest messages from the day was that the ethical decisions are the ones that require the most courage. It takes real guts to stand up for what’s right and it can be very hard. Good people own courage and quite often, if it doesn’t feel right – chances are it’s not.

All in all, ethical leadership and behavior is the right thing to do. A little bit of unethical behaviour here and there can soon lead to something much larger and before too long it may not be apparent just how bad it has become.

Making ethical decisions can be hard, but if it’s a good night’s sleep you’re chasing, then the right decision – the ethical decision – will be the best.

Jason Eats, 2019 Program Participant, 19/02/19

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