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Education, Engagement, Challenge and Inspiration

Leadership Great South Coast 2017 participants were fortunate to hear from four experts in the field of education, and found themselves to be confronted, challenged, but ultimately inspired as a result of their learnings.

The guest speakers came from a wide variety of educational experiences, but all were passionate about the future of education and how the right teacher having the right impact at the right time could make an important impact in a child’s life.

The concept that ‘everyone has the right to an education’ was reinforced by all speakers, and it was inspirational to hear from two teachers in the ‘front lines’ of the education sector discuss their experiences in teaching students who were disadvantaged by generational poverty or by disability, or those students who had seemingly been given up on by everyone else.

It was also extremely valuable to hear some of the broader areas of education policy concern in speaking to two heads of organisations which are very active in our region, and inspirational to see the knowledge, focus, and determination which they embodied

If, as Mandela stated, that education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world, then LGSC participants have been provided with very powerful armament indeed as they strive to make an impact in their communities.

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