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Developing Direct Reports – Fearless Leadership the Speed Dating Way

How do we make our workplaces and ourselves more productive? Statistics show that ASX listed companies are 6 times more productive when feedback back is given as a gift, in a suggestive way, rather than a blaming way. How easy is it to listen and guide our direct reports through a journey of self awareness and to design a pathway forward to reach their goals and align them with our workplace goals.

Sounds easy doesn’t it?

The 2017 LGSC went on a fast paced journey where we discovered the way to identify the 12 derailer personality types. The way to decode them with one on one conversations with our team members via a guided conversation and to arrive at a conclusive action plan which would allow them to align their goals with the goals of their employers and the workplace. Firstly analysing ourselves which at times was quite confronting and recognisng our own traits provided us with the tools to enable us to take our direct reports on the same passage. Self awareness is crucial in developing our teams.

The “cyclonic” Corrine Armour kept the team challenged and engaged throughout the day.

We need to be brave to learn and self reflect. In dealing with others we need compassion and curiosity.

The journey of self discovery highlighted how much more we have to learn and made us inquisitive about the future.

It can be very confronting seeking feedback about ourselves and it puts us in a vulnerable position but ultimately it will help us understand our own leadership identities and find a path within to grow and lead. Wow what a statistic of 10 x “doers” in the group.

The challenge is to remember most people have positive intentions. Also that skills can be taught but values and attitudes aligned between ourselves, our teams and our companies should be considered when employing staff.

DEVELOPING LEADERSHIP IS MY JOB was emphasised and resonated with us all.

It is our job, it may be uncomfortable, we may not know the path right now but we CAN do it.

The key take home message was align intentions and behaviors and communication without judgement is critical.

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