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Corrinne Armour

Corrinne Armour

Corrinne incites people to play their big game through Fearless Leadership. Empowering leaders to realise the potential in their careers, teams and organisations, Corrinne draws on 15 years’ experience in the corporate world heading large teams and projects. She knows firsthand the practicalities of juggling multiple priorities and perspectives.

Some of Corrinne’s greatest wisdom (and stories) comes from living and working in a jungle refugee camp at the edge of a war zone, where she gained powerful insights and an active passion for Fearless Leadership.

Corrinne helps leaders leverage their team’s collective brilliance to establish a competitive edge. Her Fearless Leadership framework is innovative and trusted, informed by positive psychology and underpinned by Neuroscience.

Corrinne’s latest book ‘Leaders who Ask: Building Fearless Cultures by telling less and asking more’ was released in 2018. She is also co-author of ‘Developing Direct Reports: Taking the Guesswork Out of Leading Leaders’ and two specialist texts in human behaviour used by coaches and consultants worldwide.


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