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Connecting with Mental Health Carers in the Great South Coast Region – Report Released 

This 2017 LGSC project conducted research to identify the needs of mental health carers living in the Great South Coast region. The Project specifically aimed to:

– Identify and document the stories and needs of mental health carers from the Great South Coast region.

– Compile the findings into a comprehensive resource including recommendations for delivering unmet needs.

The team produced a report that gives carers’ a voice, communicating their stories and support needs.


The report titled Connecting with Mental Health Carers Report was presented to the Fight For Your Life Working group (March 2018) and has been distributed to support agencies.

Congratulations to the project team Leon Carey (Lead), Alison Kennedy and Vicki Askew Thornton.


This project aligns to the Great South Coast Strategic Plan section 2.4 Identify and seek to address the connectivity needs of all of our communities, 4.2 Strengthen community health, wellbeing and resilience and 4.3 Increase inclusion and participation in recreation, arts, culture and community life.

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