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Community Leadership in Action

When people come together to work towards a common purpose great things can happen.

At LGSC we have four dynamic project teams working towards creating change in our Community.
Each team is diverse, providing valuable perspectives based on their own unique set of skills, experiences, backgrounds and cultures.

Each team is passionate about creating change and supporting the communities in which we love to live, work and play! That’s what the community leadership in action program day is all about – we get to delve into the synergy of creative thoughts and ideas, define concepts and as a group decide on which projects would provide the most benefit to our communities now and in the future.

We look forward to our learnings as we progress with our projects, an experience which will potentially be very different to what we could have anticipated. We will no doubt get a little outside our comfort zones during this process, and that’s where we grow, expand our beliefs and develop new skills.

The 2020 projects will acknowledge culture, start conversations, acknowledge our culture and history and support those vulnerable members of our community.

We love were we live and we feel grateful to have the opportunity to make a difference to create a bigger, better future for our communities.

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