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Carly Jordan

Carly Jordan

Carly Jordan is the Project Lead of the Great South Coast Economic Migration Project that she initiated as a Leadership Great South Coast Alumni. The Project aims to assist migrants, originally from Africa, to relocate from metropolitan areas to south west Victoria to create a new life for their families. This innovative project is growing the local economy, increasing cultural diversity and creating intercultural communities in the Great South Coast.

Carly’s vast life experiences bring a global perspective to her local region, have affirmed her innate respect for people of all cultures, and shaped a leader who is passionate and driven to assist refugees living in Australia.

With a background in international aid and development, Carly has extensive and diverse work and volunteer experiences. This includes working for a grassroots organisation in a remote village in Cambodia as part of the Australian Government’s aid program, assisting senior writers at the United Nations Volunteers in Germany, volunteering with Habitat for Humanity while living in South Africa as a Rotary Exchange Student and learning four different languages. She has also worked for World Vision Australia in Adelaide and WaterAid Australia in Melbourne.

Since moving to regional Victoria, Carly has worked in local government in tourism and events at Glenelg Shire Council and Northern Grampians Shire Council. Carly moved to the south west in 2015 and lives on an organic dairy farm in Wallacedale.

Carly holds a Masters Degree in International and Community Development, Bachelor of International Studies and a Diploma of Languages.

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