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Building an Inclusive Community

Did you know that 49% of the Australian population were either born overseas or one or both of their parents were born overseas? This week LGSC 2018 participants learnt not only this fact, but analysed the latest ABS statisitics relating to the different cultural backgrounds of those living in our region. This learning was facilitated by Lynda Ford, Director of iGen Foundation and an advocate for diversity.

We often hear of Australia being known for its multiculturalism – to varying degrees depending on who you ask.  However with an ever changing global and local landscape we may need to shift towards “interculturalism” in order to have an inclusive society. As inclusive leaders we need to become more self-aware of our unconscious bias as we “reach out and pull in” the diverse experiences, knowledge and skills of those around us. These where just some of the takeaways from Lynda Ford as she presented many concepts including Multiculturalism vs Interculturalism.

LGSC Alumni and Project Lead for the Great South Coast Economic Migration Project Carly Jordan spoke about the progress of the project and introduced one of the project’s members Cyprien Kagorora. Cyprien is an international music artist and has recently relocated to Hamilton with his family as part of the project. Participants were privelidged and humbled to hear Cyprien’s courageous story of escaping his war-torn home in Rwanda and travelling through a number of countries before settling in Australia.

For more information on Lynda Ford’s work and the Economic Migration Project please visit https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/multiculturalism-interculturalism-policies-work-lynda-ford-gaicd/ and https://www.facebook.com/gscemp/

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